Mochi.Market open positions
Dear future Mochi. We are a young, ambitious tech start-up searching for skilled people from all over the world with various skills to reinforce our team


Please use this Gitbook to become familiar with our open positions, as well as with our application process and working modalities.
We are looking forward to your application!

PS: When you refer your friend into applying for us and he passes the process and starts as an Angel in our company, you will get 1000 MOMA referral bonus after your friend's first 30 days.

Why Mochi.Market?

We are a technically skilled blockchain innvation team specialised on NFT and gaming space. Mochi.Market being our main project, we aim to solve problems that prevent NFTs from gaining mainstream adoption.
We guarantee you that becoming a valuable member of the team while our project is still small will set you in a position that sets you apart from applicants that become part of our team after we already had big success. Just like with crypto in general, taking risks leads to the highest rewards (as well as the highest losses). When you are convinced by our value proposition, dare the step to help us make Mochi.Market become the industry leader for trading NFTs in a trustless way.

Find out more about Mochi.Market:

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